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The Day the Sky Was Sold

In today's Gimme Shelter column, the Post's Braden Keil goes absolutely penthouse crazy! And by "crazy," we of course mean "informative." He's got updates on two noteworthy pads, including the less-interesting one at 147 Waverly, which was sold to an unknown buyer for the $10 million asking price. Fine and dandy, but the big news is that record executive Alan Meltzer sold his penthouse at One Beacon Court (ridiculously huge terrace at left)?not long after PriceChopping the shit out of it. The $25 million sale, to MTA vice-chairman and New Jersey real estate biggie David Mack, means that Meltzer lost $2 million in the failed flip. How will he cope? Probably by unleashing another Scott Stapp album on the world.
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