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Make a Run for the East End ... of the East River

[Snapshot of WTB/LIC hipness via thejoeyway on Flickr]

The Times' Anna Bahney, writing in today's Escapes section, confirms what you'd always hoped: the poor kids' weekend (read: stuck in the city) is cool again. Who needs an overpriced East End share when you can rock the tofu dogs, air-horn happy hours, and imported Jersey sand of Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City (above)? Just listen to a lawyer with the trendsetter-from-birth name of Lauren Best: "The Hamptons is passé. It is the biggest nightmare you could put me in. ... I'm hoping that back then it was a lot more glamorous, rather than the disgusting frat party it is now." Of course, this could all just be a sneaky attempt to deflate prices for next summer's rentals.
· Twilight of the Summer Share [NYT]

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