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Advice from Hotel Chelsea: How to Make Worst Landlord List

[Photo courtesy of txokolarte on flickr]

From the Hotel Chelsea Blog come "condolences to our illustrious proprietor Stanley Bard, who has been excluded from this year’s Village Voice '10 Worst Landlord List'," followed by a carefully considered list of what it takes to be Top Ten. A few examples:

-Dark and forbidding hallways. (We already have these, though they used to be much darker and more forbidding.)
-Drug addicts get in through unlocked doors, get high in the hallways. (Here they are considerate enough to use the bathrooms.)

-Stench of urine, feces and trash dominate lobby. (The stench just dominates our hallway once in awhile when somebody throws out a bunch of diapers.)The blogger does admit that "Compared to some of the buildings around town, we live in a true renter’s paradise here at the Chelsea."
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