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Newsflash: MTA Discovers the L Train Sucks

[Photo courtesy of spreetaper on flickr]

The MTA has concluded that the L Train is swamped by all the new residents in Williamsburg and other Brooklyn neighborhoods it serves and that its $443 million fleet of high tech subway cars is too small to handle the crush. (Passenger load is up 16 percent just since 2000.) It wants to put older cars back in service, but all the track work its been doing to handle the new, high-tech, conductor-free trains doesn't get along with old school trains. So, it has to do signal work first.

Next up: The MTA studies the G Train, discovers it bites even worse than the L and concludes it won't know what the hell to do with thousands of new Greenpoint residents, except build a footbridge over Newtown Creek so they can walk to Long Island City and try to squeeze on the 7.
· Oh, L, Not Enuf Trains! [NYDN]