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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: More Questions

Perhaps we reached a little, saddling you with R&B the day after the very long weekend. Our search for answers did, however, reveal that the space at 236 W. 17th is to be marketed by The Core Group. We also can now report that the FSBO greasy spoon Katina's is at 12th and 7th in the Slope. And 1 Flatbush is at Fulton St., not Dekalb. Either way, it's future remains a mystery. As penance for all of this non-news, we present the bonus query below. Gold stars for everybody on this one, okay? Oh, and more questions and answers always welcome at

East Village: "Attached is a picture looking south from 14th street between 1st and Avenue A. That construction one block over on 13th has literally risen out of the ground, and if you look closely - on the 14th street side - there's a new smaller building going up as well. What's the deal? And yes, this picture was taken from glorious Stuy Town."
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