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Curbed Readers Comment: New Development Edition

1) The 21st Century Refinery of West Chelsea (48 comments)
"I recently rode by this behemoth in cab, and instinctively my body drew away. It gives the immediate impression of getting ready to fall down, or instability. Not what I'd call a "plus" when it comes to large buildings."
2) Down in Dumbo: The J Condo Riseth (28 comments)
"Its Ugly, and way to big for the area. It casts a huge shadow over the neighborhood and should be leveled. Hopefully it knocks down the Beacon on the way down."
3) BLUE Update: It Really Is Going to Look Like That (20 comments)
"I do wonder who would live there. I would not care for so much blue. I wonder if it's reflects into the living spaces. I wonder if neighbors get bright blue light relected into thier homes? I'll withold judgement until done. Right now it seems like a building trying way too hard."