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Storefronting: Sephora, Amer. Apparel, Women He Loves

1) Upper West Side: As noted over at Eater, Zen Palate has moved onto a higher plane from its former location on Broadway between 76th and 77th, further emptying a block that recently saw the shuttering of the off-Broadway?yet on Broadway?Promenade Theatre. But a co-owner of the building told Variety that "there is indeed truth to the whispers that the venue will make way for a branch of the cosmetics chain Sephora." You know, for those who can't bear to walk three blocks farther south for their Laser in a Bottle. [Broadway World]

2) Morningside Heights: Dov Charney is cozying up to the CU set: "There's a new American Apparel store opening right in between the Commerce Bank and the Rite Aid on the southwest corner of 110th Street and Broadway. There's advertising signage in the frontage and it says 'coming soon.' [AA site says this summer.] I guess it's better than a Gap or another commercial bank, but still... Columbia Kids 1 Local Families 0." [Storefronting Inbox]

3) West Village: Advertecture alert! The Marc Jacobs store scaffolding on Bleecker Street (above right) is having its very own ongoing silent Accomplished Women Awards ceremony, according to the Shophound. Among the more unlikely pairings? Katharine Jefferts Schori and Christina Aguilera. [Shophound]