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GVSHP Takes Aim at Trump, Undulation

A lot of reports trickle in from rowdy community meetings, and we always wonder why nobody tells us about them in advance. After all, we love name-calling, sign-waving and absolute anarchy as much as the next bloggers, so we're always kind of bummed out when we hear that people were banging on pans and we weren't there to laugh?er, witness it. No problem this time around, however, as the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation alerts us to what's sure to be an absolute fucking riot at Housing Works on July 13th. That's when the CB2 zoning committee will meet to not only discuss the proposed Donald Trump 45-story Soho hotel (top left), but also the 15-foot zoning variance applied for by the developers of that big undulating thing planned at 122 Greenwich (top right). Folks, it's going to be a rowdy one, especially since the GVSHP believes that Trump's hotel is just a "Trojan horse" for condo development. If you need us, we'll be the ones setting up the brass knuckles stand outside.
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