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The LES Back When the "DOA" Was Slamming

Back in the day when the Lower East Side was one of the drug marketplaces of the known universe, large numbers of discarded "dope bags" were part of the sidewalk scenery. In case you missed the story in today's Times, it turns out a local photog named Clayton Patterson spent 20 years picking them up and now has a collection of about 2,000. The bags are stamped with names like "DOA" or images to identify the "brand" of the illicit substance within. The collector, who wants to publish a book with the images, says they're "relics from a Lower East Side street drug culture that is gone." Ah, the good old days. Gone, but not entirely forgotten. Maybe a nice historic lobby mural at THOR?
· Powdery Contents are Gone, but Stamp of Addiction Remains [NYT]