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Storefronting: Ludlow Fitness, Garden of Eden, &c.

1) Lower East Side: BlackBerried in with gusto, we have this message sporting the absolutely ripped subject line of "First gym on the LES." The body of text: "Former Bunny's now has banner for Ludlow Fitness. OMG. Thought Ludlow Fitness was an oxymoron." Our pecs and delts will never be the same. [Storefronting inbox]

2) GraMurray: Also on the sweat beat this morning is the Post's inimitable Steve Cuozzo who has it that Equinox Fitness Clubs "just signed what might be its largest lease ever at SL Green's 1 Park Avenue" at 32nd Street. Look for a private entrance on the 33rd Street side. Boo-ya! [NYP]

3) Upper East Side: Since just one tip from Cuozzo is never enough, it's worth noting that: "Interior designer and 'lifestyle authority' Charlotte Moss has nailed down a snazzy Upper East Side flagship: the townhouse at 20 E. 63rd St., where she signed a lease for 7,200 square feet." [NYP]

4) Hoboken: And just to show we don't intend to entirely neglect our sixth-borough brethren, we pass along the good word that a Garden of Eden Gourmet Market is supposed to be opening up in the defunct Rite Aid location (above) at Third and Washington. Heavens be praised! [Hoboken411 via Storefronting inbox]