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Rumblings & Bumblings: Window Dressing

If it's Tuesday, and there's new development, there'll be Rumblings & Bumblings. The questions below were posed by actual readers. If you know the actual answer, send it along to drop a note in the comments below. Extra credit for sweet, sweet digital photographs.

1) Midtown West: A reader writes, "any idea what they're doing to this building on the corner of cps and 7th ave (above)? is it simply standard maint work or are they completely redoing the facade?"
2) Upper West Side: The ugly strip [on Amsterdam between 68th and 70th] that used to contain a Burger King, Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant, Yin Cheng Chinese restaurant, a pizza parlor, a furtniture store and a deli appears to have been emtpied. Anyone have any idea why?"
3) Murray Hill: "[W]hat is the deal with the empty lot on the NE corner of E 31 & Lexington? It is the only part of the entire square block that is not part of the Windsor Court monstrosity and or as long as I can remember (years), this lot of brick rubble has been fenced in by a chain link fence filled in with beige vinyl slats."
3) Harlem: "What’s the deal with Harlem Park? Large advertecture on the site says that it’s coming in 2006. Bullshit." Here's the latest we've got. Anything new?