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Shvo Doth Bestride the No. 7 Slot Like a Colossus

Some slag us for our Shvo coverage, but if the front of The Real Deal this month is any sign, this man is an unstoppable force of nature. There he is, at right, cock-o'-the-walk, or in this case, cock-o'-20-Pine. He comes in "seventh on the list in new units marketed or planned to hit the market between 2005 and 2007, with 1,007 total units," and yet still he manages to be cover boy and dominate the article on top marketing brokerages. Just like Mike S. says: "The tougher the market gets, the more you have to put out there."

Elsewhere in the August issue: Don't dare you call it retrenchment, but here in New York, Starbucks "is quietly closing stores that don't meet the company's profitability markers." Plus, an XL scroll of Q&A about the market(s) in Harlem.
· August 2006 Issue [The Real Deal]