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And the Most Popular Corcoran Property is...

Just launched today on the Corcoran website is the "Most Viewed Properties Now" feature, which shows what listings are being checked out the most in real time. As of right now (8:58 a.m.), #1 is a $47.5 million listing for The Stanhope (above), the überfancy hotel conversion with the hobbit problem. A predictable winner, perhaps, but the real fun will be in the seemingly random properties that turn up, like the current #2: a $1.875 million two-bedroom unit in Place 57 on the Upper East Side. Will there be armies of junior Corcoran brokers assigned to clicking on listings to increase page views? One would hope so.
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BONUS: The Most Viewed page divides up the popular kids by region, too. Go Pierrepont Street, go! Own Brooklyn!