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Brooklyn Nabe Reports: It's All Downhill from Here

1) Park Slope: "It used to be that you can throw your possesions on the curb and the local hipsters would drag your items away to their over priced pads, this guy parked himself on sterling street for about 3 days..." [omar nyc/flickr]
2) Fort Greene: The local listserv FG Kids debates the merits of bringing the law to the neighborhood's loitering stoners. On the right: "My daughter does not need to be hit with a contact high when she comes outside to play." On the left: "What harm will these loitering stoners cause? Will they hit you over the head and try to steal your Mallomars as you are forced to walk through them?" Zing! [Gawker]
3) Boerum Hill: "A 63-year-old woman had her wallet lifted from her purse as she was immersed in a grueling game of dominos at the Wyckoff Gardens Senior Center, 272 Wyckoff Street." Let's be safe out there, 'kay kids? [Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens Courier via ABL]