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Curbed Field Trip: South Williamsburg

We decided to have a look around South Williamsburg and take a look for ourselves at the new world around Schaefer Landing (above), which doesn't quite fit into its tagged up post-industrial surroundings, but give it time. Luxury highrise help is on the way, in North Williamsburg, anyway. More photos of the New Look and Old Look South Side after the jump.
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This is the "Public Esplanade" behind Schaefer Landing. More coming soon to the sites of Northside Piers and "The Edge."

Here's the view looking south from Dunham Place and South 6th Street. That's Schaefer Landing in the distance along with the old school South Side "Screw Rent" graffiti.

These are the 26 Broadway condos, which are west of the Gretsch Building on the South Side's little condo row.

And, finally, we conclude our little look-see with this scene, which is thrown in for those that want a taste of that old time, unsanitized hipster South Side flavor.