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Extreme House Swap, Cape Town Edition

We wouldn't normally go in for this sorta thing, but upon discovering that the CT in the email subject line "NYC - CT Swap?" meant Cape Town, South Africa, and not Connecticut, we decided to bite:

I've just finished a very high-end, fully automated 2368 square foot apartment in downtown, Cape Town, South Africa... and recently I have been seriously considering a move to NYC... so what about a NYC - CT apartment swap? The local market value of the apartment is $675,000, and with the coming 2010 World Cup, development in the city has exploded and values have and will continue to rise dramatically... So I would be looking at an apartment in NYC for around the same price... and with no agents being involved, both parties can save a little...We went ahead and found a nice comparable apartment for our international emailer to consider. It's a two-bedroom at 131 East 93rd Street. Same price as above; sample photo below. Enjoy!

· 36 New Church St. #1, Cape Town [Metropol]
· Listing: 131 E. 93rd St. [Bellmarc]