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Storefronting: 'Bucks Down, Dunkin' Up

1) NYU-land: "The Starbucks at the southeast corner of Washington Square Park closed sometime in the last week. That's something you don't see every day!" [Storefronting inbox]
2) Greenpoint: Meanwhile, the rival sets up shop on a different side of town: "Moonshadow (okay thai place on manhattan ave. in greenpoint) being replaced by the unstoppable dunkin' donuts/baskin robbins combination..." [Storefronting inbox]
3) Greenwich Village: British sportswear chain Reiss is taking over the Strawberry Fields space on Bleecker Street. Reiss also has another store on Columbus Avenue coming soon. We were made 20% more dapper just by typing that. [Shophound]
4) Chinatown: "Sweet-n-Tart @ 20 Mott Street has closed as of July 28. Flyer in window says that they lost their lease. They had occupied at least 3 floors of that building." This also got a Times mention. The Flushing location is still open, so hop on that 7! [Storefronting inbox]