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New Condo Building is All About the Music

Only 25% of the units in Brooklyn Heights' Lookout Hill building have been sold since January, and in the post-1600 Broadway world, that's just not going to cut it. So how is Alchemy Properties sweetening the pot on these offerings, which range between $470,000 and $995,000? Well, out in Brooklyn they do things a little differently. You're not going to get your fancy lap pools or your fancy virtual driving ranges or your fancy access to classic car collections?you're going to get sweet, sweet tunes, man! Buyers at the Lookout Hill, formerly known as the Tribeca-ish building with the cool logo, are getting a free Sirius satellite radio with a one-year subscription to the service, a $500 value! Curiously, the Post reports that it's the "first time Sirius has worked with a New York residential developer to offer such a package," as if someone associated with the building didn't just walk into Best Buy and purchase 46 radios and subscriptions.
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