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Fight For Your Right To Bungalow

On this beautiful summer Friday, the NY Times serves up two articles to remind us that you don't have to sit in traffic to get to the beach:

1) In Far Rockaway, Richard George and his beach bungalows fight the good fight against the dubiously named 130-unit condominium project "Metroplex on the Atlantic".
· A Man’s Beach Bungalow Is His Castle, Under Siege by Developers [NY Times]
· Beachside Bungalow Preservation Association [BBPAoFR]

2) The Escapes section looks at people with weekend homes just a few miles from where their primary residence. Meet Michael Isaacson and Luis Nobrega whose two-bedroom oceanfront condo is an hour away (by A train) from their Manhattan digs.
· Away, but Not Too Far [NY Times]