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Curbed Readers Comment

1) Traffic, It's Good for You! (45 comments)
"The real issue is that NYC has failed to expand and develop its transit system. Its pathetic that the service has not expanded much beyond its capacity of the 1950's. Its stunning that people somehow defend this failure."
2) Storefronting: 'Bucks Down, Dunkin' Up (33 comments)
"NYU-starbucks: 'closed for renovations from aug. 7 - aug 14.' too bad. a DD would've been an improvement."
3) Elliman Wants You to Ogle Your Neighbors (24 comments)
"sounds ok, but not as good as the old Corcoran parties. They used to drive babs in on a white hummer, then she would declair herself the new lord and savior of the industry and vomit gold into the audience. That's what Real Estate is REALLY about."
4) Curbed Field Trip: South Williamsburg (22 comments)
"Has anyone EVER lost money in ANY neighborhood within the borders of New York City? I feel pretty secure in my purchase, even if the building won't win any design awards..."