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The Muffin That Ate New York

Be on the lookout for giant muffins converging on lower Manhattan. The group responsible for cooking up this doomsday scenario is the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, which is publishing a "recipe book" of ideas for the future of downtown. We're not sure what this is all about, but like the reader who forwarded this link:

i just really like the graphic of some unidentifiable foodstuffs preparing to crush manhattan, guided by what must be the hand of god or some other really big person The LMCC has signed up a number of visionary artists, architects, writers and musicians (including David Byrne!) to contribute, and are looking for public submissions with, "a little humor, imagination, impatience, outrage, and eloquence." Whatever. We just hope that it's a blueberry muffin and not bran!
· Call for Ideas—Recipes for Downtown—by Aug 17th [Center for Architecture]