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Hot Deals in Alphabet City

Ah, summer rental season in New York, when thousands of recent grads begin a frantic apartment search in a market with a 3% vacancy rate. But there is no reason to fear being shut out: This is the city of opportunity! Here, we'll help out. A tipster sends along this Craigslist Alphabet City listing:

$1200 studio for rent September 10th (East Village)

Studio for rent on Avenue C. Carpeted studio with a large bathroom and lots of closet space. Full wall of exposed brick. Main room is 20x12, bathroom is 9x5. There is a mini kitchenette with oven, stove and fridge. Apartment is above a bar. I have run the bar and lived upstairs for 2 years. There is noise, I never found it unbearable, but definately not for light sleepers.We'll let our tipster say it: "Yes ladies and gentlemen - $1200 for a studio on Avenue C. Above a bar. That's run by your landlord." Good thing it's not noisy. If you complained, we bet that broken heater would get fixed real quick.
· Listing: $1200 Studio for Rent [Craigslist]