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'Two Gorillas Decided to Mate'

If you read only one story this week about big bad disingenuous Bruce Ratner, make it the Brooklyn Papers story on Henry Weinstein, a developer who is suing Ratner and Shaya Boymelgreen for allegedly colluding to defraud him out of millions. In 2004, when Weinstein was strategizing with Boymelgreen on how to combine their Prospect Heights assets to have a go at Ratner, Weinstein says Boymelgeen was cutting deals with the Nets boss. On the same day Ratner paid Boymelgreen $44 million for a building in the Atlantic Yards footprint (scoring SB a $24 million profit), Boymelgreen transferred his lease in a Weinstein-owned building to Ratner?the cause of the suit. Blah blah blah this could go on forever, but we really just love the story because of the photo, where it looks like Weinstein is about to belly-bop that entire building down. Take that, Shaya!
· ‘Little’ developer slaps ‘big boys’ for collusion [Brooklyn Papers]