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Opus Delay: 13th Street Club in Beer Battle

The East Village/Lower East Side noise wars that already claimed E.U. are heating up again, as the troops mobilize and take aim at the beer & wine application filed by Opus NY, a jazzy night spot looking to open at 531 East 13th St. The Villager has a lengthy piece on the battle, but the gist is this: The owners swear the 148-seat "performance space" will not be a raucous bar or concert venue, and the neighbors don't believe them. CB3 already recommended to deny the license, but the State Liquor Authority has yet to weigh in. Even if Opus gets denied, owner Stephen Choi will not be thwarted:

“[Getting the license] is not that big of a deal for us; it’s just an added incentive for our patrons. It’s not a bar. If we don’t get it, it wouldn’t stop us from functioning every day,” Choi said, emphasizing that ticket sales for shows and food sales, not alcohol, would be the main source of income.We know what happened when the gastropub tried to open in a dry space. We'll see what happens to the place that's just selling cold turkey sandwiches and cheesecake.
· Neighbors in discord with 13th St. music club [Villager] [351 East 13th Street photo courtesy of PropertyShark]