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Storefronting: Flight 001 Landing on Smith St.

Storefronting reports on retail openings around the city with an eye towards how the coming and going of stores impacts each neighborhood. Seen a store open, close, or otherwise claim your attention? Hit the tipline, s'il vous plait.

1) Cobble Hill: Brooklyn air travelers, rejoice: quirky travel store Flight 001 is readying a Smith Street outpost (seen at left in plywood state) blogger A Brooklyn Life reports. [A Brooklyn Life; Official Site]

2) Clinton Hill: More from the 718: new Clinton Hill blog Clintoncentric espies the two women preparing to open Blue Bass Vintage Clothes in her hood: "They're from the hood, friends since high school, and felt there wasn't a good, affordable vintage clothing store around (well, there was Sodafine, but they're moving to Williamsburg, because the rent is too high here now. Can you believe?!) In addition to clothes, they're going to sell artwork, knick-knacks, and they'll offer alterations, too." [Clintoncentric via Brooklyn Record]

3) Midtown: Because one can never read too many rants against Duane Reade, let's tune into broker/blogger Property Grunt's latest missive, joined here in progress: "I was right behind a postman who was about to be served when the cashier, a young girl probably still in high school, with long curly hair left her post to talk on the phone. Right in front all of us she spoke on the landline for almost 5 minutes with her back turned to the line she was supposed to be working and blatantly ignored us as if we were nothing. If glares were bullets this stupid wench would have been swiss cheese." [Property Grunt]