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From the Sidewalks of Greenpoint: The Crap Map

It's been a while since we checked in on our friend, the Greenpoint Dog Log Blogger, who spends much time creating a record of all the dog crap on the streets of her Brooklyn nabe. When last we heard from her, it was to draw attention to the "ugly ass" Sub-Zero Building in Greenpoint. Well, she's back with a vengeance, blogging up a storm and hitting us with the Dung of the Day and her long-awaited Crap Map (sample above, but the real deal has notes and, um, pictures). A sample of the words:

I have parsed through at least 100 pieces of dog shit this week. Seriously. I have two Crap Maps to construct, a shitload of data to sort, and pie charts to create. At least I copped a wine rack, sleeping bag, and lamp from these jaunts as compensation for my efforts.A compelling recent entry explains why the self-proclaimed Dogshit Queen of Greenpoint couldn't get a gig guest blogging at Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn. Another offers an in-depth expose on the bathrooms at McCarren Park. And there's much, much more.
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