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Development Du Jour: The Zinc Building

It warms our li'l hearts when a project improves architecturally from one rendition to the next. Such is the case with 475 Greeenwich, a 21-unit luxe condo development slated for a triangle of land below Canal right near the Holland Tunnel. Last fall, Greenberg Farrow Architects released the drawing on the upper left; last week, the new look came to light (near-simultaneously to the CurbedWire construction update on the site). Seems the place will be called the Zinc Building, with completion set for late next year.

Our take? Aside from the gratuitous use of not one but two painful puns on the development's official website—"Zinc Different" and "Live In Your Element"—the sleek look works for us. At issue: noise from the nearby tunnel. Here's hoping for 32-inch thick windowpanes.
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