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Nabe Name Report: Hello, SoHell

Besides the above map—which we enjoy for reasons including the fact that Madison Square Garden, from above, looks rather like a toilet—we're indebted to New York for the new neighborhood monicker SoHell, not to mention this perky prose about the nabe South of Hell's Kitchen: "The flea market has settled in for good, the High Line park is on its way, and while there are still a lot of desolate blocks, SoHell is becoming more than a grungy corridor for commuters to rush through."

All well and good, we guess (though let's be forthright: the area around MSG is still a complete shithole) but if so, the neighborhood that Jeff Koyen christened Lohki a few years ago deserves a shiner new name. Ideas?
· Map No. 12: Southern Hell's Kitchen [New York]
· Jeff Koyen: Stay the Hell Outta Lokhi [Curbed]