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It Happened One Weekend: New York Verdant!

1) Green Apartment Buildings begin popping up throughout Manhattan, offering modern features that leave a smaller imprint on the earth than the gas-guzzling apartments of yesteryear. Developers say they believe in the cause, and residents reason “with the war in Iraq and gas prices over $3 a gallon, when you’re living in this particular era, you want to do what you can”. In this case: living in a $3400/mo 1BR at the Helena in Midtown. [William Neuman/NYTimes]

2) A couple faces the challenge of living with their in-laws in order to get their debt under control. It is a struggle at times, but the risk pays off when they purchase their first home, a 1BR on West 175th St.. Still, Curbed can neither condone nor recommend this purchase approach. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

3) Related moves away from the sleek glass of its latest developments and introduces stone back into the design mix at The Veneto (photo, right) at 53rd and Second. SubZero and Kohler? Check. And this very special amenity: "Bloomingdale’s is close, which is a big plus.” [C.J. Hughes/Posting]

4) Brooklyn rejoices as the Holiday Inn Gowanus opens, offering guests a relatively low-cost alternative to sleeping on your pullout. Rooms run $129-$199 a night, and safety is included in the price, with one resident noting "they put it in a good spot, nobody’s going to get robbed here." A promise or a dare? [Jake Mooney/NY Times]

5) Bikers attempt to ride what could be New York's final frontier, Greenwood Cemetary in Sunset Park, but are finding difficulty getting clearance due to the fact that the "main priority at Green-Wood Cemetery is to protect the sanctity of our burial lots and to comfort the loved ones who visit our grounds for quiet reflection." [Steven Kurutz/City Section]