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Ready to Throw Rocks at New Neighbors on Ludlow Street

Best to simply let the tipster who sent the photo above explain:

Here's a look outside my window at the building next to Katz's Deli that just went up on Ludlow (across from the soon to come pencil tower monstrosity, which I can't wait for the construction to begin pounding at my ears - considering it's taking them this long to break ground and how loud it's been, I'm in for a nightmare.) There were a few people, presumably the owners/head contractor, etc. checking out each floor...I asked what they were building and one guy wouldn't tell me, but he did tell me that each floor is going to have a nice balcony and the 2nd floor has this big patio thing that comes out. I will fuckin throw rocks down there if they are having little cocktail parties and playing loud music out there when the yups move in. This is terrible that they can have their stupid patio right outside all of our windows, yet increase my rent by 100 dollars. fuck.

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