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Xanadu: Just Don't Call It A Mall

Struggles continue for Xanadu, the giant retail and entertainment complex (it's not a mall!!) at New Jersey's Meadowlands. Costs have soared to $2 billion, and the future of the project is in doubt. Former Gov. Richard Codey had this to say:

We're becoming a laughingstock with this project. At what point do we say, 'Take this project off the respirator?" ... I hear the next tenant they sign up will be a bankruptcy law firm.[Rim shot.] The developer is actually set to announce that it has signed leases with a number of tenants, one of which is Wannado City: "The 60,000-square-foot Wannado City will allow parents to sign up their children for an afternoon of adult role-playing as they take their shot at performing a series of jobs and earning 'money' they can use to buy things at Wannado." On second thought, maybe it is best if this never gets built.
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