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Preview of Williamsburg's (Possibly) Very Tall Future

Remember that Quadriad Development plan for "Williamsburgh Square" on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg? How about the subsequent airing of its plan to build 28 highrises in the neighborhood? Well, our friends at onNYTurf, who've become experts at creating alarming renderings by mashing up photos and drawings of Atlantic Yards and maps of the Yankee Stadium Plan, are at it again. They hit us off with a preview image of Bedford Avenue with highrises from renderings they'll put up tomorrow.

Until then: Williamsburgh Square would be between Bedford Avenue and Berry from North 3rd to North 4th streets and have four towers of 38, 36, 20 and 12 stories. The other 24 buildings would be from 12 to 40 stories in the area between Bedford and Kent Avenues from North Third to North Sixth Streets. Special approval is required for all: The entire area was downzoned last year as part of allowing highrises on the waterfront.
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