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Curbed PriceChopper: Babs Goes Lower in Red Hook

We didn't catch Barbara Corcoran giving out her property selling tips on Good Morning America, but thought we'd mention the little PriceChop on her vacant Van Brunt Street storefront that a tipster brought to our attention. Remember the commotion when Babs bought the building at 293 Van Brunt and the projected income streams were in the New York Times? Back in April, the storefront in question was projected to fetch $2,500 a month, and the apartments $1,600 and $1,750 monthly. Some Red Hook landlords upped their asking prices accordingly. Current price to rent the storefront? $1,800 a month. The two apartments are rented. Of the storefront, our tipster writes:

The 600 sq ft store is now down to $1,800/month with new door added and vitrine just repainted. Cellar included, but I could see it floods the day I visited. Many cellars around Pioneer Street flood as it used to be a creek.Red Hook not living up to the "Red Hot" hype? Nooo! Say it ain't so.
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