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What the Deuce? More on SJP's Tower at 8th and 42nd

It shouldn't be too long now before scaffolding starts obscuring your view of the billboards and signs on West 42nd Street while you're loitering outside the Port Authority, as a Jersey developer more at home in suburban office parks has officially snatched up the last "piece of the puzzle" on that block between Eighth and Seventh, once avoided for one set of reasons and now avoided for an altogether different set.

SJP Properties will soon be diving in on the southeast corner of Eighth and 42nd and tossing up a billion-dollar, million-square-foot office tower (nice how it works out so evenly like that, no?). You might recall we got our first glimpse a few months ago at the project where the iChat icon, .Mac icon, and others stand in for the lack of an anchor tenant. Click through to the Times wrap for the inevitable mention of their own building around the corner.
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