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Curbed Field Trip: Greenpoint

We've been watching the condos coming up on the McGuinness Boulevard side of the little Brooklyn neighborhood called Greenpoint. So, we decided to check the Greenpoint Crap Map and head out for a tour of one corner of the nabe. The building pictured above is rising at 308 Eckford Street and is one of the pioneers altering this part of the Greenpoint skyline. This building is not to be confused with the concrete and glass condo buildings going up at 110 Green and 133-137 Huron Street, which are on the other side of Manhattan Avenue, closer to the East River. We also checked out some other spots, all of them super convenient to everyone's favorite subway line, the G Train. More pictures after the jump.

This baby is The Neo condo, sporting 40 units, some of which have excellent vantage points of the cars and trucks racing to and from the Pulaski Bridge to Long Island City.

Here's a view of Green Street between McGuinness and Manhattan Avenue. Note the new building on the right and the Sub-Zero Building down the block on the left.

This is the Sub-Zero Building, whose shiny surface produces excellent reflections of all its neighbors.

This gratuitous photo is thrown in for those craving a little non-trendy, non-gentrified Manhattan Avenue flavor.
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