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Open House Hangover: 93 Crosby Street

Been awhile since we ran an Open House Hangover report, eh? A reminder, then: reader reports of open house visits are encouraged. If you've dropped by a pad or two recently and have opinions to share, drop a line to Thanks.

From the byways of Soho, a Curbed reader emails, "I've been casually looking for a place to buy for about 8 months, tired of throwing my rent away but no pressing need to buy. ANYWAY, I stopped by to check out the newly re-minted lofts at 93 Crosby. A couple of comments:

1) Gorgeous - they've spared no expense making the inside shi-shi Asian-ish. Beautiful but small.
2) PRICEY - Holy guacamole! For a floor through loft that is a) on a major artery (Lafayette) and b) has one side/set of windows (north) threatened by a single story car renovation shop and another (south) hemmed in by a parking lot - BOTH screaming for development - they're asking $1285/sq. ft. Given the empty sign-in sheet an hour into the open house, it doesn't seem like there are many takers."

One Corcoran listing in the building: a 1,400sqft 1BR asking $1.895 million. Floorplan here.
· Listing: 93 Crosby Street [Corcoran]