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Why It Wouldn't Suck to Live in Sculpture for Living

As a year-later follow-up to this post about that little condo tower (right) at 445 Lafayette doomed to be known by its tagline in lieu of its actual name, blogger Felix Salmon explains how he learned to stop worrying about "the way it detaches itself so completely from its surroundings" and love the amenities, featured recently in the Post:

Boy do a couple of the features of the $12 million penthouse sound cool. First, there's a "mini 'morning kitchen' just outside the master bedroom" for an espresso machine – I don't know why, but the idea of not even having to go into the kitchen to get one's morning jolt really tickles me. And then there's "the windowed walk-in closets (the better to choose your wardrobe while you're looking at the weather)". Dude. A windowed walk-in closet – and, given the design of the building, a floor-to-ceiling window at that. That's pretty cool, even by New York standards.If you can locate a live online listing for this unit and link it up below, we might consider bringing you a soy latte in bed. Maybe.
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