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Outer Borough Tower Twofer

[Photo via Flickr user sgrah]

1) Staten Island: Hoping to capitalize on views kinda like the one you see above, developer Leib Puretz is envisioning two 21-story glass and steel condo towers for the northeastern tip of the island, overlooking the S.I. Yankees' ballpark. If approved, the buildings would feature 160 units?all at least 1,200 sqft, limited to four a floor?and be "narrow and angled toward each other in an attempt to protect, where possible, views at neighboring Castleton Park." The site would be where Stuyvesant Place meets Richmond Terrace, and the architects would be from SUK Design Group. No word on getting luxury VIP seating installed on the ferry. [Advance via The Real Deal]

2) Queens: No specific tower plans yet, but they could be on the way if the City Council OKs a plan for new "inclusionary zoning" in Woodside, which would open the door for bigger buildings as long as developers include enough affordable units. The underdeveloped area in question covers 20 city blocks. Future amenities will no doubt include front-row seats to the daily drama that is making your way across the Boulevard of Death. [NYSun]