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A96 #3: 307 West 126th Street

Continuing on our Harlem jag, the newly relaunched Uptown Flavor (note new URL) brings to our attention the ten-unit development at 307 West 126th between Frederick Douglass Blvd. and St. Nicholas Ave. Looks to be a nicely done restoration of an 1910 prewar building; frankly, it's stunning to see interiors in a new development that don't glint of stainless steel and stark-angled furnishings.

Marketing is by Warburg, of which Uptown Flavor notes, "Warburg Realty seems to have landed in Harlem with a vengeance." Asking $494,000 for the 711 sqft 2BR linked here.
· Listing: 307 West 126th Street [Warburg]
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