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A Rental Broker's Lament

From this week's New York Press, rental broker Brian Carter tells a sorry tale of leading a lascivious red-faced gentleman around the Lower East Side—a parable of sorts, it seems, for larger problems:

For every 15 apartments I show, I’m lucky to rent one. And by significant, I mean we are sleeping together, related, or I owe you money. Believe it or not, it’s a pretty long list, but only because I have a big family and owe a lot of people money.

In days past, these professional courtesies were almost necessary in building a strong agent/client relationship. Those days are long gone. At one time, it was a loving and trusting relationship built on mutual respect. But as with most modern relationships, the agent/client, once sacred bond, has been destroyed by the Internet.

A once-sacred bond put asunder! Hold on, we're turning off our servers for 10 seconds of silent tribute—won't you join us?
· Rental Dementia [NYPress]