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A96 #1: Three Newcomers Around E110th

A96—Above 96th, baby. We're heading north all day today, so brace yourself for the kind of fun only Harlem, East Harlem, and its friends can bring.

A Curbed correspondent reports, "Walking to work this morning I thought I'd check on the progress of two new buildings that are going up on E110th Street between 2nd ave. and Lex. There are three new buildings in total, one of them is finished (Warburg, above) the other two are in much earlier stages.

"The new building between 3rd & Lex is going to be huge, it spans at least 100 feet wide and a full block deep, as you can see from the pictures the foundations are about 2 stories deep. It looks like they haven’t been too careful either as the Post Office next door was closed today (Many pissed of patrons & staff outside bemused) as they seem to have undermined its foundations! Maybe El Barrio will get a nice shiny new Post Office too! Bobby Womack would be horrified by all this gentrification."

After the jump, more pictures, and special bonus lyrics.

Womack, Bobby Lyrics
Song: Across 110th Street Lyrics
I was the third brother of five,
Doing whatever I had to do to survive.
I'm not saying what I did was alright,
Trying to break out of the ghetto was a day to day fight.

Been down so long, getting up didn't cross my mind,
I knew there was a better way of life that I was just trying to find.
You don't know what you'll do until you're put under pressure,
Across 110th Street is a hell of a tester.

Across 110th Street,
Pimps trying to catch a woman that's weak
Across 110th Street,
Pushers won't let the junkie go free.
Across 110th Street,
Woman trying to catch a trick on the street.
Across 110th Street,
You can find it all in the street.