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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ready to Throw Rocks at New Neighbors on Ludlow Street (96 comments)
"Where were you in 1995 when the area was completely dead? You could have enjoyed the quiet while still making a bundle today if you sold. And seriously, you're complaining about the prospect of loud, late-night parties?"
2) A96 #5: Ask Curbed Harlem Edge Edition (58 comments)
"From about 1995-2003, the last period for which I could get city-wide numbers, Harlem was the #2 fastest appreciating market in the city (#1 was in Brooklyn, for whatever that's worth). In the last big real estate downturn, 1991, Harlem was barely hit at all."
3) Decisions, Decisions: 50" Plasma TV or Month's Rent (37 comments)
"A 1 BR in a doorman building in Chelsea starts at $3200 ($3400 at the Caroline). Those one in 220 vacant apartments are mostly in Upper Manhattan. A nice apartment goes in 5 hours (or less) not 5 days. And people are still buying."
4) The LA Perspective on Borough Warfare: We All Suck (35 comments)
"I can't get good pizza in Los Angeles, but try to get a good burrito in New York, you know? When it comes right down to it, if New Yorkers aren't all assholes, isn't it possible that not everyone in Los Angeles is a shallow, soulless moron?"