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Alien Spawn of Flatiron Building to Rise on Flatbush Ave

This week's Brooklyn Papers hits us up with the rendering to the right of the new 22-story luxury condo tower that is soon to rise on a triangular lot on Flatbush Avenue between Tillary and Duffield Streets that will be one of the first sights greeting arrivals to the Brooklyn mainland after the Manhattan Bridge. (Not counting the J Condo in Dumbo.) The paper's appraisal: "It looks like the lovechild of the Flatiron Building and a spaceship." The architect, Ismael Leyva, who is part of the design team for the stalled again Moynihan Station, says he was inspired by the Flatiron Building and by wanting to bring Manhattan flavor to Brooklyn. (The Flatbush Alien Flatiron is not to be confused with the Fort Greene Flatiron.) The architect has also designed two luxe highrises of 35 and 40 stories on Gold Street and several others along Flatbush Avenue between the Manhattan Bridge and Dekalb Avenue. Eight highrises are under development around Flatbush Avenue, so far. We're unclear how many of the parcels are triangular and will spawn more Brooklyn Flatirons.
· Flatiron on Flatbush [Brooklyn Papers]
· 85 Flatbush Avenue [Ismael Leyva Architects]