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The History Of Development In Manhattan, All On One Map

The Skyscraper Museum is showing an exhibit called Manhattan Timeformations. The project is basically an intelligent mash-up that digitally displays the entire history of development in Manhattan on one map. Or something like that:

The project uses computer models and interactive animations to depict the dynamic relationship between Manhattan's skyscrapers and other layers of urban information such as geologic formation, settlement patterns, landfill, transportation and communications infrastructure, zoning laws and real estate cycles.

It presents a layered, cartographic history of the lower half of Manhattan Island, and an exploded time line chronicling the real estate development of high-rise office buildings which constitute the skylines of Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. The unusual and hybrid character of this computer model allows one to correlate the cartographic history of 370 years of urban development.

To put that in layman's terms: Coolest. Map. Ever.
· Manhattan Timeformations [The Skyscraper Museum via Gridskipper]