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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Sanitize This!

Today, reader answers to Wednesday's reader questions about development doings around town. Got a question yourself? Operators are standing by.

1) East Village: A tipster emails, "The lot on 13th between 2nd and 3rd is owned by the Milsteins. They are notoriously slow builders. I wouldn't be surprsied if they sold the lot to another developer like they did with the one they owned on 42nd and 8th." Adds a commenter, "The Milstein family has owned the lot since 1986, if I recall the date correctly. It was the site of the old RKO Jefferson Theater with the entrance and marquee on 14th street. They bought the land so cheap that they can afford to sit on it and wait to buy out the remaining smaller properties on 14th Street, or wait for the area to improve even more. The Milsteins just sold the vacant lot at 8th Ave and 42nd Street, which they sat on for 23 years without doing anything, so you could be waiting a long time for something to happen there....!"

2) Clinton: Regarding the building going up slowly at 12th Avenue and 56th Streets, it is indeed a Department of Sanitation building. The "trendy design" [sic] (above) seems to have won some sort of award. Back in 2003, completion was set for 2007. No word on a new date.

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