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Red Hook Update: Patience Required

Checking in on Red Hook for our daily fix, we find more evidence that having the Patience of Job comes in handy for residents. For instance, it takes months to fix a hole that could (literally) swallow up a small child or pet into the sewers. The normally calm B61 Productions lets fly with a rant about this and other Red Hook indignities. A snippet of B61's call to NYC's Department of Transportation about traffic issues:

B61: I was hoping to get DOT reaction to the protest that recently took place after a woman was killed by a car on Van Brunt St...
DOT: Well, can I send you a statement?
B61: OK, but is it the statement that says DOT will study the issue this fall after traffic patterns emerge?
DOT: Well, yeah.
B61: Yeah, I've got that one. I was really hoping to talk to someone about whether the plan had changed in light of the recent death and outcry from the neighborhood.

DOT: Well, I'm going to have to get someone to call you back.Many picturesque Red Hook sunsets later, B61's still waiting for the call.
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