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Hot Chocolate Causing Problems

When news hit that the Financial District's historic Cocoa Exchange building was going condo, many speculated that the odd, Flatiron-y type shape of the building would lend itself to some interesting floorplans. Seems like that's exactly the case, according to this reader report:

I went to see the 2 bedroom units yesterday. The largest 2 bed / 2 bath was stated to be about 1500 sf and was in the "nose" of the building. In the master bedroom the newly laid floor had buckled considerably. The sales agent said the floor strips were narrower and shorter than typical flooring and with the humidity it had buckled and that the floors in the entire building were going to be replaced. The second bedroom in this unit was probably about 8 ft wide. Tiny. Who would really pay $1.3 for this - I don't know.A bunch of people, apparently. The Cocoa Exchange website shows that most units are in contract. More observations from this eyewitness after the jump. The second 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom was about 1000 sf and the second bedroom can't really be listed as a bedroom b/c it's right on the lot line. That didn't stop them from having beds in there and pitching it like a child's bedroom.

The third unit we saw, another 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom had a second bedroom that was substantially larger that the master bedroom.

Bottom line, I understand that there are inherent issues in making a triangle shaped building into a residential unit but the floorplans here were horrific. And besides the buckling floor, the closets seemed a bit shoddy, and the kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures were definitely a few steps below what one would expect for a million dollar unit. The price psf was lower than market (I think it was in the $850 psf range) but I doesn't make me want to buy into a poorly designed building.· Development Du Jour: The Cocoa Exchange [Curbed]
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