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BREAKING: Crazy Artsy People Invade Wash. Sq. Pk.

[Big daddy bunny pic via Flickr user pixietart]

Ever feel like there's just not enough quasi-historical dada surrealist absurdity in your life? Then, head down to Washington Square Park, where if you're lucky, like Voice scribe Silke Tudor, you might just find the "Madagascar Institute Historical Society's Dueling Re-Enactments," er, transpiring. You'll have to do your best to separate fact from fiction, as big hallucinogenic bunnies cavort around the space that's absolutely littered with bohemia. Of course, there is some real history thrown into the mix, as evidenced by a Stanford White reenactor uttering this textbook phrase: "Apparently, the very thought of his fiancée being manhandled by a lascivious architect drove him absolutely maaaad." Just another day in Curbedland, folks.
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