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More Storefronting: Pricey Fish, Jesus Returns (to Union Sq)

1) Chelsea: The Hotel Chelsea blog heads into the Capitol Fishing Tackle store to investigate news of its departure from the ground-floor space it has occupied for over 60 years: "I heard you guys were moving,” I said. “What happened? Did Stanley raise the rent on you?” Stanley Bard is the owner and manager of the hotel. The man looked up. “Twenty-one-thousand he wants! Can you believe it? Up from nine-thousand he’s getting now.” [HC Blog]
2) Union Square: A famed and deep-pocketed broadcaster bought a building in Union Square for $13 million and is moving its studios there. And no matter how many guesses you get (MTV? Food Network? Spice?), you probably never would come to the correct answer: Trinity Broadcasting Network. [NYPost]
3) Dumbo: "I heard this weekend that the large retail space currently under construction at the corner of Washington St and Front Street in DUMBO (in the West Elm/Gleason's Gym building) will be a Bo Concept Furniture Store. Personally, I was hoping for a "Babes in Toyland" superstore. Can Storefrontin' shed some light? [Storefronting inbox]
4) Soho: Fancy jean-makers come and go, but the ones that remain in our memories long after the celebs have stopped accepting the freebies are the ones that open big flagship stores in Soho. True Religion just signed a 10-year lease for 2,004 feet at 130 Prince Street, and two more stores are planned. [NYPost]
5) Herald Sqaure: And for you reality TV psychos out there: "Half way down the block on 34th st, btwn 7th and Broadway on the Northern side of the street (MACYS, duh) is a show window. In the show window is the previous week's winning dress for Project Runway. So, if you liked the dress on the show, but wanted a chance to get a closer look, you can now see it in person, following the show on Wed." [Storefronting inbox]

[Capitol Fishing Tackle photo from Flickr/niznoz]