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Subway Update: Little Used, Sometimes Abandoned

With 256 people hitting its turnstiles on an average day, Beach 105th Street in the Rockaways wins the Rodney Dangerfield award as the city's least-used subway stop:

The rankings of the most- and least-used subway stations have changed a great deal in the past decade. The Bowery station on the J, M and Z lines handled only 308 passengers a day in 1995, compared to 1,771 today, a 500 percent increase. Union Square's traffic nearly doubled as it moved up the ranks from No. 8 in 1995 to No. 4 last year. But aside from Dean Street, which was closed in 1995, Beach 105th has remained the quietest station in the city. In two years, it handles fewer customers than Times Square does in a single day. "It's so peaceful compared to the cattle-car stations in Midtown," said Tina Schliss. "The only downside is that we're the neglected stepchildren of the subway." Meanwhile, Bucky from Animal Magazine has some questions about the Wilson Ave L train station in Bushwick (photo above), "Although it may look like one of those discarded stations from Forgotten NY, we assure you its not. We're still trying to figure out why the MTA doesn't just buy itself some hedge clippers and tidy up this subway stop."
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